The Process

Phases of coaching:

What Coaching focuses on:

     The difference between life coaching and deep coaching is the focus.  As a deep coach, I listen to your story, the little "a" to find the Big "A" of deeper meaning to your life.  The biggest effect of coaching is transforming the current mindset so the Big "A" - meaning of life, is addressed. 

Initial stages of Self Reflection and Discovery

     We'll spend several hours reviewing your life history and discovering your values, goals and blocks. Just the Initial Coaching Discovery session is impactful and will help you gain clarity about what you want to focus on in our sessions.  

Ongoing session

     Session run 45 minutes and can be weekly or bi-weekly.  The initial series will be 3 - 6 months and yet, I've worked with many clients for  years.

During the on going sessions:

     I will guide you to more clarity, commitment and understanding of what you want, what is in the way of you getting it and what tools to support you growth.  They include:

     Discovery of Limiting Beliefs and self Saboteurs voices

     Discovery of Authentic Self through values

     Clarity of Options and potential actions for growth.

     Action plans that support growth.

     Clarity and accountability of action

     Ongoing deep clarity and commitment

     Ongoing accountability and check-in

     Creating anchors, tools and new habits 

     Visualization and Body awareness that deepen the learning and understanding. 

Each phase reflects back to the initial Primary Focus you choose. 

International & National Coaching 
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