Kevin Hatanaka, Sales Manager, The Richard Schulman Team - #1 in Los Angeles with Keller Williams
I have been coaching with Ashley Wrobel for years now.  In that time, I have doubled my production, been promoted into a leadership role with my team, and also made huge personal gains in reducing my stress, increasing my patience, becoming more understanding with my family and friends, and finding more happiness in my life.  I can't thank Ashley enough for all that she has done for me and my family.  It works!


Sabine Pleissner, Business Owner
Coaching with Ashley had a huge impact on me. It played a very important role in my development from a struggling to a successful agent. She helped me focus on what I needed to do, one step at a time. Everyone has different coaching needs. I had enough drive and self-motivation but often felt overwhelmed and afraid of failure. Ashley always encouraged me and her positive energy had wonderful effects.


JoAnn Schoemann, Realtor, Business Owner
My coach Ashley has been there for me 24 hours a day, kicks my butt, ssshhhhh's me constantly and teaches me incredible lessons. I am so blessed to have her guidance.  


Miriam Wydermyer  Realtor, Business Owner
She holds me accountable to my goals in a nurturing way which inspires me to do my best.  Through her coaching, and systems, I’ve awaken my limitless possibilities, and successfully closed 6 transactions my first year.  Ashley is extremely positive, energetic and contagious.  Her love of people inspires all her clients to push through any barriers they’re faced with and to do their best. 


David Bruce, Entrepreneur

I want to let you know that I am grateful for you.  Your coaching has had severe impacts on my personally and professionally, Knowing you are there for me whenever I need is a blessing and crucial to my mindset. I thank you for being exactly who you are and know you are truly wonderful.  


Susan Pagett,  Insurance support maven. 

Ashley Wrobel-Business Coach - Changing lives and careers one idea at a time. Transformative and gentle. One of the most important experiences of my life. She is amazing. 

Eli Schaugh, Husband, Coach, Entrepreneur

Ashley is a wonderful coach and a wonderful human being. We worked together for many months, and her guidance and support pushed me and helped me to grow in my business and as a person. One of the many things Ashley always did so well for me was to keep me at cause. When there was a problem or challenge, she kept me focused on what I could actually do about it rather than allowing me to get stuck in the weeds of what was outside my control. She pushed me out of my comfort zone while always keeping my best interests in mind. Her empathy and honest concern for my wellbeing made it easy to trust Ashley, and I knew that our conversations were always aimed at growth and prosperity and left judgement and criticism at the door. She helped me manage the rollercoaster of stress that I was riding during our work together by teaching me about PQ Reps and how to center and ground myself. I still regularly use the techniques we worked on together. I highly recommend Ashley as a coach, and I am so grateful to know her and to have worked with her. Thank you so much!!!

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