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 Fulfillment over success. 
Intention over balance.
Ease over ambition.

These are the underlying principles for the way I coach real estate agents.


I’m Brooke Grayson: a productivity coach, a partner in your business growth, and a fellow journeyman on the life path of self-discovery and leadership.


Most importantly, I’m a believer in your highest self – your inner master. I know within you are the seeds of greatness and as your coach, I support the true YOU, to remind you of who you were born to be, and walk beside you on your journey.


Success in business is a side effect of engaging with life at your highest and best state.


I reinforce the Four Agreements as defined by don Miguel Ruiz in my coaching: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. When these agreements are forged into the infrastructure of your business, your future in real estate is primed for limitless opportunities and growth.


I’ve been a real estate assistant, real estate marketing director, and real estate coach over the course of the past 12 years.


Thrilled to have found my home with Keller Williams Realty Exclusive Properties, I’ve partnered with various brokerages throughout my career. My experiences when working with agents in different brokerages has proven that no matter where you are, the growth of your real estate business is up to YOU.


Some of the most impressive breakthroughs I’ve seen came from the agent’s ability to recognize that they had “it” all along: the right market, the right tools, the right support… AND the right mindset, hidden under limiting beliefs, fears, bad habits and lack of accountability. My role as your coach is to work with you to ignite the power of your highest and best self and to set it in action.

There are old school ideas in sales coaching that I’d like to put to rest here. Let’s look at a few of them:


  • Old School Idea: “Success is attained when a certain amount of money is earned, or when a sales goal is achieved.” Consider replacing the idea of success with this: “I’m in this to experience happiness in my life. A fulfilling lifestyle looks like this: _________________.”

  • Old School Idea: “I need to achieve work-life balance by making sure I address every area in my life equally.” True balance comes from the mastery of accomplishing The ONE Thing in each area by giving it the amount of energy and resources necessary to accomplish it, and prioritizing your day accordingly.

  • Old School Idea: “With enough ambition, I can accomplish anything I set out to do.” That idea sets you on a steep uphill climb full of sweat and tears, and it’s completely unnecessary. Discovering what you love and are naturally good at is the fastest and most rewarding path to business growth.


I am an accountability coach, a branding, and marketing coach, and a new agent coach for Keller Williams Exclusive Properties agents. I also offer real estate career discovery sessions with people who are deciding whether a career in real estate is the right path for them. You can book a meeting with me online here .


Here are a few other details about me and my work:

What I love about people is that integrity and authenticity are cherished attributes and meaningful connection with one another is one of the most sought-after experiences we all want to have. My intention as a real estate coach is to bring heart, love and empathy into the framework of every agent’s relationship with the people they do business with.


My first priority when working with you is to provide you with the confidential space and support you need to work through limiting beliefs, difficult situations in your life that affect your business, be your accountability partner to your business plan, and to gently support you through the barriers of your comfort zone so you can experience the new freedoms you are longing to own.


I specialize in marketing and branding because that is what I love and am passionate about. New technology and effective digital marketing strategies get me very excited, and I’m a big fan of Brian Buffini’s philosophy that face to face connection and relationship strengthening is the best way to build a real estate business that lasts through the market cycles. I work with agents on a hybrid approach, bringing cutting edge technology and strategy into the lead conversion process to get the ultimate reward: a lasting friendship with all the benefits that has to offer.


I work in my office at Keller Williams Exclusive Properties in Simi Valley, for agents of this market center, in person or over the phone.I answer all of the emails, phone calls, and text messages I get from my agents within 24 hours. If you reach out, I’ll be here.

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