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Increasing Success, Joy & Abundance...

       through mental fitness

Your Coach, Ashley

The experience of coming from a poor Montana wheat farming family created a longing for freedom, wealth and opportunities in me. Now, a business owner and a woman with many life times - from driving cab in Hawaii to teaching yoga and selling luxury homes in Los Angeles, I am a business consultant and personal coach (CPC and ACC) who coaches and educates, motivated individuals, entrepreneurs and employees to achieve their full potential in their personal and professional lives. I coach to find the gap between secret dreams and manifestation. Along the way, my clients deepen their relationships, make more money and have more fun.


Ways for us to Work together...

Healthy at any age
Jumping in the Leaves
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Most of my clients choose the on-going support system that provides more wealth, greater health, better communication with others and reduction of the negative inner voicess to increase more peace and joy.  

4 - Month Program 

We will examine your limiting beliefs, experience and release stored energy, sort out your wealth and provide impactful tools to navigate greater joy, awareness and freedom.  I'll provide weekly sessions for at least 4 months. If you do the weekly assignment, and do not find the results you seek in that 4th month, I will refund you ½ of the cost of coaching.  

4- Month Relationship Program 

In 4 months, when you do your assignments, your marriage or relationship communication will improve, you will feel more joy  and gratitude in your relationships. If after 4 months you cannot say you are more joyful.   I will refund your 1/2 of your 4 month coaching fee.


Should we work together?
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Kevin Hatanaka, Sales Manager, The Richard Schulman Team - #1 in Los Angeles with Keller Williams

I have been coaching with Ashley Wrobel for years now.  In that time, I have doubled my production, been promoted into a leadership role with my team, and also made huge personal gains in reducing my stress, increasing my patience, becoming more understanding with my family and friends, and finding more happiness in my life.  I can't thank Ashley enough for all that she has done for me and my family.  Even experienced agents can benefit from Productivity Coaching.  It works!

Sabine Pleissner, Business Owner

Coaching with Ashley had a huge impact on me. It played a very important role in my development from a struggling to a successful agent. She helped me focus on what I needed to do, one step at a time. Everyone has different coaching needs. I had enough drive and self-motivation but often felt overwhelmed and afraid of failure. Ashley always encouraged me and her positive energy had wonderful effects.

JoAnn Schoemann, Realtor, Business Owner

My coach Ashley has been there for me 24 hours a day, kicks my butt, ssshhhhh's me constantly and teaches me incredible lessons. I am so blessed to have her guidance.  

Miriam Wydermyer, Realtor, Business Owner

She holds me accountable to my goals in a nurturing way which inspires me to do my best.  Through her coaching, and systems, I’ve awaken my limitless possibilities, and successfully closed 6 transactions my first year.  Ashley is extremely positive, energetic and contagious.  Her love of people inspires all her clients to push through any barriers they’re faced with and to do their best. 

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